Alison Francis Robinson | Fusing Country Western With Minimalist Elegance

Using a variety of photographic mediums including medium format film, digital and instant film, Alison’s work is a reflection of her deep-rooted connection to the Southern Interior. She received her Fine Art Diploma from Thompson Rivers University before moving on to pursue her degree in Photography at Emily Carr University in Vancouver, B.C.

As a 4th generation descendant of the Kamloops region, Alison’s connection to the arid grasslands, craggy sagebrush plateau’s and dry pine forests inspire the photographic fusion of her country-western and rustic-minimalist style. She is particularly drawn to the region’s minimalism and is often inspired by the lonely fences, golden grasslands and rolling range that is inherent to the Southern Interior. Using the frame of her camera to document the landscapes, colours, textures and relics that define this unique region, Alison hopes to both translate their rugged beauty and materialize her ancestral connection.

Alison has worked with a number of local and international clients including Northland Properties, Coach Inc. and Stefan Beckman Studio in New York. She has exhibited her work in solo and group exhibitions, as well as at local juried art markets throughout the Southern Interior. Her work exists in public and private collections across Canada and the United States.